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Highlighted Features of the Stand Steamer:

  • Adjustable Angle: Customize the direction of the mist to meet the specific needs of the treatment.
  • Steam Adjustment: Precise control of the mist quantity to optimize each session.
  • Adjustable Height: Adapt the stand height for treatment convenience, ranging from 124cm to 147cm.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 220V, 50/60 Hz
  • Timer: 60 minutes
  • Reservoir Capacity: 874ml (for water) / 218ml (for essential oils)

Highlighted Features of the Portable Steamer:

Compatibility with Various Treatments: Ideal for hydration, reconstruction, volume, purification, anti-aging, anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss, among others.

Enhanced Results: Steam softens hair cuticles, opens skin pores, and facilitates nutrient absorption, ensuring more efficient treatments.

Use with Distilled Water: We recommend using distilled water to avoid calcium deposits and ensure the proper functioning of the device.

Easy Storage and Maintenance: Completely empty the reservoir after each use and leave it open for a few hours to dry completely.

Portable and Lightweight Design: With compact dimensions (17.5 × 9.3 × 21.5 cm) and weighing 0.65 kg, it is easy to handle.

Efficient Power: Operates with 800W, providing consistent and effective steaming.

Water Reservoir Capacity: 180ml for extended sessions without interruptions.

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🌬️ Portable Steamer (Black):

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Portable technology for beauty on the go.

Sleek design for daily use.


💨 Stand Steamer:

Powerful nourishment and hydration.

Adjustable height for maximum comfort.

• Adjustable steam technology for personalized treatment.


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