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Ultralight with great performance


The Eco Born Dryer is a masterpiece of professional performance, created to provide ultra-fast drying for all hair types. Its power is increased by advanced brushless motor technology, ensuring efficiency and durability.


Latest Generation Brushless Motor: The Eco Born’s motor uses brushless technology, providing exceptional power for fast and efficient drying.

Ergonomic and Compact Design: With an ergonomic structure, this dryer is light and easy to handle, offering comfort during prolonged use.

Resistance to High Temperatures: The dryer housing is designed to withstand high temperatures without deformation or risk of overheating.

Lightness for Comfort: At just 420g, the Eco Born Dryer relieves tension on wrists, arms and shoulders, providing a comfortable experience for the user.

Additional benefits:

  • Professional Efficiency: Guarantees fast and effective drying, meeting the needs of the most demanding hair professionals.
  • 2-Year Warranty: Offers confidence and peace of mind, confirming the durability and quality of the product.


Experience the Power and Comfort of Drying Hair with care

With the Eco Born Dryer, you not only get unparalleled performance, but also an ally for the daily care of your hair. Invest in the efficiency and comfort that this high-quality dryer offers. 💨✨


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