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The Disinfection and Sanitization Cabine is a comprehensive solution to keep environments free of unwanted microorganisms. With innovative features, this cabin provides effective disinfection and complete hygiene.


Compact and Lightweight for Ease of Use: With dimensions of 370×435×730 and a weight of 10kg, this cabin was designed to be efficient and easy to position in different environments. Its portability facilitates installation and use in different locations, providing a flexible solution for disinfection and hygiene.

Double Disinfection and Sanitization: Equipped with a 50 mg/h ozone generator and 10 Watt UV lamp, providing a double protected environment.

Ozone Technology: Ozone is known for its effective disinfectant properties, helping to eliminate bacteria, viruses and unwanted odors.

UV lamp: Contributes to the inactivation of microorganisms, reinforcing the effectiveness of the disinfection process.

Generous Capacity: With 80 liters of capacity, the cabin is spacious enough to disinfect various objects and equipment.

Auto Off: After 45 minutes of operation, the cabin automatically turns off, providing safety and energy savings.

The Disinfection and Sanitization Cabine is the right choice to guarantee safer and more protected environments. Invest in the health of your space with this advanced solution. 🌐🛡️


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