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Modernize your services and offer your clients new solutions that will strengthen your care relationship. In addition to beauty, providing hair health raises the level of your salon.

Carry out all types of skin and hair analysis and assessment thanks to its advanced technology.

This camera has a photographic function, providing the professional, thanks to its high magnification capacity, with all the information necessary to carry out a reliable analysis.



HD image processor, optical image stabilizer.

Adjustable focus for a clear image.

Compatible with lenses for hair and skin analysis.

Clear and precise images.

Large capacity storage (more than 10,000 photos).

Magnification: 50X and 200X.

3 Light Modes: Natural, Polarized and Ultraviolet.


  1. Real-Time Detection: High-magnification optical technology to analyze skin and hair instantly.
  2. Precise Analysis : Advanced technology that allows detailed images of skin and hair.
  3. High Definition Photography: Magnifying photography function to provide detailed information to the professional.
  4. Microscopic Vision: Locates details invisible to the naked eye, ensuring accurate diagnoses.
  5. Instant Transmission: Image is displayed in real time on a 15-inch screen for informed treatment decisions.


Enhance the quality of your service with our state-of-the-art Capillary Analysis Camera! 👁️💫


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